Shipyard, Rail, Industrial

MCM FOREST PRODUCTS, LLC has serviced various Industrial Accounts for over 17 years. Clients such as Shipyards, Railroads, Utilities, Overseas Shippers, Refineries, and Machinery Manufacturers have relied upon us for quality materials at competitive prices while meeting specified delivery requirements.

  • Drydock-and-Shipyard-Block-Supplier---NY,-NJ,-MA,-VA
  • Drydock-Blocks-for-Barges,-Tugboats,-and-Ships
  • OSHA-Planks
  • Shipyard-bottom-left
  • Timber-Supplier-for-Marine-Industrial-Facilities
  • Wedges
Some of the items we currently supply to the Shipyard, Railroad and Industrial clients are.
Oak Blocking
Douglas Fir Blocking
Oak Wedges

Oak Ramps
Flat Bed Trailer Decking
Box Car Flooring

Custom Wood Ladders
OSHA Scaffold Planks
Pipe Saddles

Oak Crating Skids
Heat Treated Lumber
Heat Treated Plywood

Fire Retardant Plywood
Fire Retardant Lumber
Galvanized Hardware Nails & Spikes

Wood Boxes , Crates & Dunnage
SYP Creosote Bridge Timbers
Oak Creosote Cross Ties

Oak Creosote Switch Timbers
Oak Creosote Bridge Timbers
Derailment Wedges

Wreck Blocks
Wheel Chocks
Wood plugs

We also offer services such a Custom Milling, Pre-Fabrication, Self Unloading Trucks, 24/7 Delivery and Warehousing.

Our Highly Skilled and Experienced Sales Staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions, provide material estimates, and Value Added Solutions to help bring your project in on time and below budget.