Heavy, Highway, Bridge

MCM Forest Products, LLC has been serving the Heavy, Highway & Bridge Construction Industry for over 20 years. We recently have supplied material to such projects as “LIRR Tunnel Sunnyside Yard”, Queens, NY, “Henry Hudson Bridge Reconstruction”, New York, NY, “Portland Ocean Terminal Fender Replacement”, Portland, ME, “Middlebury Micro Tunnel”, Middlebury, VT and the “Amtrak Portal Bridge”, Kearney, NJ. During these and many other projects, our clients have relied upon us for quality timber products at competitive prices while meeting specified delivery requirements.

Some items we currently supply to the Heavy, Highway & Bridge Construction Industry are.
Steel Backed Timber Guardrail
Oak Crane Mats
Treated Fender Piles & Timbers
Douglas Fir Deck Mats
Pipe Saddles
Treated Lagging
Oak Transition Mats
Outrigger Pads
Bridge Shield Planking
Laminated Mats
Utility Poles
Hardwood Lagging
Oak Cribbing Timber
OSHA Scaffold Planks
Hay Bale Stakes
Survey Stakes
Lighted Timber Barricades
Timber Curbing
Galvanized Hardware

We also offer services such a Custom Milling, Pre-Fabrication, Self Unloading Trucks, 24/7 Delivery and Warehousing.

Our Highly Skilled and Experienced Sales Staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions, provide material estimates, and Value Added Solutions to help bring your project in on time and below budget.